Sterling Maintenance Division

Where it started

Sterling Services started out, in 1985, on works of a small nature. Sometimes classed as maintenance and sometimes as small capital works.

Today the maintenance division conducts close to £1.5m of works, annually and nationally, at typical values of up to around £25,000 per job. Works of a pre-planned maintenance nature, reactive and small value capital works. These works are typically on retail. commercial, education and petrochemical sites all over the UK including the Scottish islands.

In 2019, Sterling was tasked by City FM to undertake £500,000 of car park remedial works. These works covered multiple stores across the UK and involved works such as:

  • Pot hole repairs to footpaths, car parking bays and main thorough fairs

  • Flag, Kerb and block paving repairs

  • Drainage channel replacement

  • Iron Work repairs (Gulleys and Manholes)

  • Bollard replacements

  • Traffic calming measures


The challenge was to ensure that all works were carried out in normal store opening times with little to no impact to the stores ability to trade, or more importantly, not introducing any risks to their customers or Sterling operatives whilst working with a very high foot fall and vehicular traffic. 

The success of the scheme also means that 2020 has seen Sterling rengaged for this years remedial works.

City FM had asked Sterling to assist with installation of new electric cabling around the PFS to the Kiosk. 

The works required:

  • All staff to be UKPIA accredited

  • Consult the services drawings for various fuel, electrical, gas, water and associated services

  • CAT works and use 'soft digging' tecniques to lay and install new cable ducting to the Kiosk around the PFS

  • Back fill the cable trench

  • Reblock pave the area upon completion

The challenge was to conduct works in a manner that still allowed the PFS to trade but ensuring the safety of the customers, operatives and staff were paramount throughout.

The works took 3 days of the 5 days allocated, to complete and the cable installation ensued with success.