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2020 - ASDA car park winter remedial repairs

Sterling maintenance, division, has been awarded £560,000 worth of national car park remedial works.

2020 - ASDA car park winter remedial repairs

The Scope

Repairs on the car parks range from replacement or repair of:

  • Drainage Channels

  • Traffic Calming Measures

  • Iron works such as manholes, gulleys and associated

  • Bollards

  • Kerbs

  • Flagging and block paving

  • Macadam pot holes / minor resurfacing works


ASDA are extremely proative in capturing potential issues before they arise. This annual maintenance scheme ensures that any potential trip hazards, Health & Safety issues or business critical faults are identified, resolved and maintened before they become an issue.

Sterling has been awarded these works year-on year for over the last 8 years.